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3rd of October to 31st of October 2017

Jaap Draaisma and Patrice Riemens - Amsterdam

Short Bio:

Jaap Draaisma (1955)

Is the co-director of Urban Resort, a non profit organisation in Amsterdam; runs 14 buildings with affordable work- & living spaces for artists, cultural, creative and social initiatives.
Jaap was active in the Amsterdam squatter movement in the 70s and 80s. He worked for the City of Amsterdam - Northern District in the 90s He lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Some publications:

Draaisma J. and Hoogstraten, van P. (1983) ‘The squatter movement in Amsterdam’;
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 7(3): 405-416

Draaisma J. and Geyn, van der B. (2009) ‘The embrace of Amsterdam’s creative breeding ground’; in Whose Urban Renaissance - Routledge London; 202-212

Draaisma J. (2016) Cultural Incubators: The squats of the 21st century?; in Urban Europe - Fifty tales of the City - Amsterdam p. 199 - 209

Patrice Riemens (1950)

Human (social) Geographer and cultural activist, was associate research fellow at the University of Amsterdam till retirement, and is member of the International Network of Urban Research and Action (
He lives in Fiesole (FI), Italy.

Jaap and Patrice are also both members of the Amsterdam Fair City initiative.
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