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5th of January to 30th of January

Elena Rubashevska

Director and film critic

Born in Donetsk, Ukraine.

Accompanied by Dmytro M. (camera)

‘I’m going to Christiania’ – I said to my parents, and my mother looked at me all shocked, and my father grumbled ‘They all weed-smokers and drugs-addicts out there’.

‘I’m going to Christiania’ – I said to my friends, and they asked me ‘What? Is it one of that things connected to religion you’re always interested in?’. And only one of them exclaimed: ‘Whoa, somebody’s going to have a great time! Bring me something’ – and he winked meaningfully.

That is the common perception of Christiania in my country, Ukraine. With its old-school society and still more soviet (even then post-soviet) perspective on life, the most people there are very suspicious to everything, that doesn’t fall into category of “how it should be”. And it should be like that: you are born, go to school, later – to university, than you should get married, have a couple of children, and go to a 9-to-18 workday until you are retired. Pretty normal, pretty boring. And the people who don’t lead such a life – there’s probably going to be something wrong with them!

Not only the way of living, but my pink hair and modest tattoo, as well as my boyfriend’s piercing can be a sticking point while communicating with people in Ukraine. Not to mention the all radical forces that have recently risen in our country who don’t tolerate anything connected with otherness…

Getting the opportunity of being a part of Christiania for almost one whole month, with discovering the Freetown for ourselves, we also aimed to discover it for Ukraine through documentary we’re going to make. Despite a lot of information one can find in Internet, Christiania still seems to be strange, and distant, and suspicious, and mysterious. That’s why we want to show the faces of this place, the people, who live here, who work here, who run businesses here, raise children here, create, dream, develop themselves.   

We deeply believe, that example of Freetown’s social experiment can be not only informative, but encouraging as well as inspiring, and that’s why we are here: to learn from the humans of Christiania.

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