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Residents need to make a project to Christiania and apply using the following scheme:

    • Describe your project.
    • Explain your project’s expected audience and method of distribution in Denmark or abroad.
    • Indicate your preferred period of stay.
    • Consider how your project may be communicated internally in Christiania.

We prefer emails with maximum size about 1 MB.
Basic expenses /month: DKK 2000
(artists and researchers with permanent positions/research funded: DKK 4000 / month)
or / week: DKK 500 / Funded: DKK 1000
- Water: 63 DKK/cubic-meter (Meter placed under kitchen sink.)
- Electricity: 3.82 DKK/kiloWattHour (Meter placed next to entrance door)
- Heating: 2.00 DKK/ kiloWatt (Meter placed in cellar, over boiler.)
- Laundry: 20 DKK per wash (min. 1 wash of linen/duvet covers)
We kindly ask you to pay in advance 2800 DKK (Winter) or 2500 DKK (summer)
and 65 DKK deposit per extra key at the day of your arrival.

At the end of your stay the exact amount is calculated, and any additionally payment or pay back will take place.
CRIR has unfortunately no grants for residents.

Kitchen and built-in-shower available. Clean towels and bed covers (linen) available.
Internet and (old) computer available.
Bicycle is often available.

Time of stay: up to 1 month.
Most applicants apply some months before their preferred period of stay.

There is no deadline for applications.

We look forward to your application.

Your application will be evaluated by the steering group and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, usually within 3 weeks.

Please contact us if you need to know more.

Send your application to: See contact