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A Daughter of Christiania by Linda Ruth Horowitz

Urban Fantasy

Painting by Marios Orozco
One of the first children of Christiania, Annikka S┐rensen is born in a quaint glass house on Dyssen Lake. Her parents, Dr. Johan & Liv S┐rensen, are two of the original founders of the Free State.

'A Daughter of Christiania' is a story of love, tragedy & triumph. It is the tale of an international, politically-disputed village, located smack in the center of Copenhagen. It is also the story of Christiania's turbulent history; an extraordinary community, breathing it's own life & oxygen . . .

My work on this book began in 2012. During my stay at Christiania's Research House, I would like to create an open dialogue with Christiania's gifted artists, to invite them to participate in this project with drawings, paintings & illustrations.

Published works:
Amongst Danish Jews 1996: Photo-documentary Portrait, Fotografisk Center, Cph
While the Sands Whisper 2013: Novel ­– Sinai Bedouin, Amazon, Barnes & Noble