Photographie Exhibtion Sydhavn Station / Copenhagen Photofestival

Curated by: Mette Juul / Carsten Rabe


Artists: Samantha Gora, Franziska Holz, Carsten Rabe, Simon Riemer, Theda Schillmšller, Sofia Velasquez


Opening: Friday 3. June 2016 at 17 h

Exhibition: 4 – 19. June 2016


In the groupshow ãPeripheryÒ, six different artists from Hamburg showing their new photoworks. All the photographers come from different backgrounds and educations. In daily life they are using photographie in different ways. Besides of there artistic output in documentary, portraits and art photographie some of them producing pictures for commercial and magazines. These different activities in their daily photographie debate forms different kind of aethetic expressions. As common background of all of them they are using photography to explore the beauty of the ordinary and the present. The motives reflect everyday actions and examine people in their living environments.


The Exhibition is focusing on this bandwidth in between the differnet aesthetics and brings together different forms of photographie related artworks, which shows a series of conceptual arranged photographies which have no spatial or temporal relation to each other in their making, and whose underlining Themes, Motives and Situations are completely different from each other.


Most of the artworks illustrate the alteration and transformation of society and civilization. As silent fragments they come to symbolize the glamour of times long gone and its decay. At the same time they uncover a new much more present beauty through the aesthetic view of the camera. The recombination of the different shots into conceptional photographic arragements bestow the individual photographs with new dignity. The multitude of pictures arouse the viewer's curiosity and sharpens his eye to see their environment from new angles and come to new interpretations.